P&G Purifier of Water
P&G Purifier of Water (formerly known as PUR™) is a humanitarian product that renders previously contaminated water safe to drink. Each sachet of 4 grams contains powdered mixture that is enough to treat 10 liters of water.

Considered as a 'protective' technology by the World Health Organization (WHO), treatment with P&G Purifier of Water results in water quality that meets WHO guidelines.

It is being sold in social marketing programs and has also being used in emergency relief situations by a large number of international nonprofit organizations in over 71 countries.
P&G Purifier of Water has been tested
on water samples from around the world. It is proven to significantly:
REduce bacteria by
> 99.99999%
  Reduce viruses by
> 99.99%
  Reduce parasites by
> 99.9%
  Reduce heavy metals
such as arsenic,
chromium (III) and lead
  Remove pesticides
such as DDT.
  Improve water turbidity.
How to use